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April 2016

Alexander T.


When we called this company to touch base, the manager came on the phone and we talked about how Alex was doing. The manager said that he is going amazing! He has a great attitude, picks up fast, is a hard worker, and is willing to do whatever they ask. He is also willing to go to different departments if they need help. What a great attitude! Thank you, Alex!

Bibi M.


Every month the manager at Bibi's assignment nominates her for a ballot "because she is doing an exceptional job, and is always willing to learn new things to become more and more versatile.". We are so glad your name got picked in the Lucky Draw this month, Bibi!

David M.


Whenever ABL drops in to see this particular client company, the manager mentions how amazing David is! With his manager experience she has entrusted him with way more responsibilities and just thinks he's an amazing worker!

Derek C.


Derek has worked at a wide variety of assignments for ABL and has always done an amazing job! He is the only temporary employee who has ever been successful getting the hand of one particular production line at his current placement. He is really wowing our customer. Thank you for all your hard work, Derek!

Faysel A.


What a great employee - Faysel is a student and a hard li worker - He always goes when he can for ASAP work offers - He's So pleasant to deal with and very reliable. Faysel has been working with ABL since summer 2015. We appreciate your dedication, Faysel!

John E.

New Westminster

Our Customer Service Manager entered a ballot for John because she has found him to be easily the most reliable associate she has every worked with. John is a pleasure to deal with, and we are proud to have him represent us.

Khaled K.


A new ABL client company required a forklift operator to start the next day for an urgent project: Khaled said yes right away and even remained flexible and dedicated once the shift had to change to meet the demands of the project. Thank you for your flexibility, Khaled!

Mariola K.


Mariola was nominated by the HR Assistant at our client company. She said Mariola has gone above and beyond any expectations they had. She is diligent, attentive and takes initiative where needed. They said she is just the kind of person they are looking for! Our client is over the moon with how awesome she has performed this past week!

Michael A.


Michael is our go to associate when we have to replace a someone who is sick or has not arrived for work. He never says no to an assignment. He is a wonderful guy, hard worker, and takes his positions seriously. His goal is to be hired on at one of our client companies. We know he will be an asset wherever he goes.

Michelle B.


I received a call from our client company who wanted to provide some feedback on our newest employee working there: He said "Well, I had my own customers working with the employees you sent me. My customers was so impressed with Michelle that she told me to give her a bonus. I have added 2 extra hours on her time sheet. Michelle was so focused on getting the work done because she knew this was a serious project for me. Thank you for making me look good to my customer, Michelle!" - Well done, Michelle - way to go!

Miles R.

New Westminster

Miles reported for work an hour early on his first day at a new assignment because he knew it was important to get off on the right foot with this work assignment. What a great attitude!

Natasha D.

New Westminster

Natasha is a brand new associate with ABL, and on her first assignment, after only 2 days, she's receiving fantastic positive feedback from the worksite. Way to go!

Raymond R.


Raymond recently started a new assignment for ABL, and right from the very first shift, has been exceeding expectations and doing us proud - well done, Raymond! Our client is impressed!

Rebecca J.


ABL is nominating Rebecca for her reliability and hard work at an event that absolutely needed stellar people for everything to go smoothly. Thank you for making a difference, Rebecca!

Renee W.


The supervisor called and said that she would like to nominate Renee for the ABL "A Better Life" campaign. The Supervisor said that Renee is a super star. She is a very hard worker. She is also flexible and switches shifts no problem when asked. Thank you for your flexibility and "can do" attitude, Renee!

Tiffany H.


We entered a ballot for Tiffany because our client says she does a great job and requested her specifically for the upcoming week. Thank you for your hard work, Tiffany!

Wayne M.


We entered a ballot for Wayne because even though he wasn't feeling great one week, he powered through and continued to work hard because he knew how important that week was for the client company's project to remain on track and not get behind. Thank you for your persistence and dedication, Wayne!