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March 2016

Aaron S


A supervisor at our client company sent us the following email: "Id like to nominate Aaron for a ballot for this month's draw: he is a hard worker, he pays attention to detail, gets along with everyone, and has a sense of urgency." Combined with other positive comments, we can tell that Aaron is well-liked at this assignment.

Amanpreet R.


Amanpreet is so kind, polite, respectful and hard-working! He is a very shy man, but once you get talking to him, his true self really shows. He is impressing our new client, and making ABL proud!

Emma J.


Emma is a very well rounded employee - our client enjoys working her because she has proven to have great attention to detail as well as great accuracy. Our client was eager to nominate Emma to be entered into our March lucky draws.

Ferney V.


We received a call from our client company saying how amazing Ferny is: He is doing so well, that the supervisor wants to put Ferney's name forward for the next available full-time opportunity at that location. It's always good to hear the successful stories of awesome placements!

Jackie H.


Jackie called and said she is absolutely loving it at her new position, and it is by far the best position she has ever had: she hopes the position will be long term because she loves it there. She said her supervisor went up to her today and said she is doing a fantastic job and they both agreed that ABL has been sending employees with a mature work-ethic who are perfect for the position! We were happy to nominate Jackie for the lucky draw and we are so glad that her name was picked out of the hat this month!

James H.


We received amazing feedback from our client company about James - he started an urgent, last minute assignment on Good Friday, and jumped right in without hesitation. James is on call for a long-term assignment due to start any day now, and until then, he has made himself very available to pick up other shifts wherever possible until that long-term opportunity starts. We are very proud of his positive, can-do attitude.

Mark M.

North York/Toronto

Mark was recently hired on full-time at the client company he was working at through ABL because of how well he fits in with their team, and how easy it is to work with him. His can-do approach was noticed, and it has opened the door for other ABL associates to be considered for possible full-time opportunities coming up there soon.

Melissa G.


We nominated Melissa for a ballot this month because she has been an excellent employee since we placed her at one of our Stratford client companies. She has had very few absences and is always positive when she stops by the ABL office every week. She drives into work from out of town every day, and we would like to commend her for her great attitude and loyalty.

Nana M.


Nana has done nothing but impress our clients and make ABL proud. His positive attitude, hard work, open mind and dedication have made Nana an a great addition to ours and our client's team. Nana called us the second he left work to let us know how his first day was - he's the best :) He was SO positive about his first day there. Nana felt like he ABL prepared him well for the work environment, and shared that the people he is working with are so nice and he noticed they really like when you ask questions. He found everyone to be very helpful. He definitely sees this as an on-going long-term opportunity and was very thankful for the opportunity as well.

Paul R.


Paul made super-human efforts to get to an ASAP project at one of our Burlington clients - the the production requirements changed last minute, and despite being put on hold earlier in the morning, Paul was willing to head into work right away once the situation became clearer. He really saved the day. His positive, can-do attitude is just one of the reasons that Paul was our Burlington office employee of the year for 2015. He has a solid work ethic and he is one of our all-time faves.

Randy O.


Randy has taken it upon himself to provide "tool box talks" on his shift at a steel company ABL works with. This involves having a brief discussion at the beginning of every shift about a different piece of safety equipment or work tool, so everyone on the team is up to speed on how best to utilize the tool to maintain a safe work environment for all. We are very proud of his initiative and proactive attitude.

Robin C.


Robin really saved the day by going in to her shift 4 hours early to help our client company out. They were extremely thankful for her willingness to be flexible when they needed her most.

Setal P.


The operations manager at one of our client companies sent this note to us: "Setal is a pleasure to work with - full of good positive energy that helps the team in every way. I'm very happy to have her on my shift.". Well done, Setal!

Trever L.

New Westminster

Trevor never fails to make a wonderful impression with our client companies - it's why we always ask for his help when we bring a new client company on board. He has a great attitude and is very open to helping out when last minute opportunities pop up. We can really count on him.