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Employee FAQ's

I am an ABL employee: How will I get paid?

I’m an ABL Client Company: How will I be billed?

How much will I be paid as an ABL employee?

How does ABL match me to an opportunity?

Why would someone use a staffing company like ABL to find work?

My company needs additional staff: How do we get set up as an ABL client?

I am an ABL employee: How will I get paid?

ABL pays weekly, and invoices weekly:
Payday is on Friday’s for ABL assignment employees. Our standard pay period is Monday to Sunday. So, if an employee works during this week, they will be paid for this week’s hours on Friday next week.

No need to drop off your own timesheets!
ABL client companies will submit the timesheet to ABL directly – there is no need for employees to travel to the office to drop off weekly timesheets. All you have to do as an employee is ensure you are signing in and out accurately every day. We do recommend you keep a log of your own hours on your cellphone as a reference in case questions arise.

Employees may choose Direct Deposit:
Employees may provide us with direct deposit information to receive weekly payroll by automatic deposits: people choosing this option will receive a full paystub by email. If you choose not to use direct deposit, you must contact our office to hear about your other options.

ABL utilizes a payroll company which will ensure that all government remittances (CPP, EI, Income Tax) are processed. They will also send you your paystubs, T4's and Record of Employment forms.

I’m an ABL Client Company: How will I be billed?

ABL invoices client companies weekly:
As an ABL client company, you will be invoiced weekly for the hours our associates worked the week before. We prefer to send your invoice by email, however other options are also available.

Clients submit timesheets electronically:
ABL will provide an electronic timesheet on which client companies record and submit work hours for our assignment employees. We will provide you with an electronic timesheet and/or an ABL sign-in sheet to record hours for our employees by 5pm every Monday. This way, invoicing and billing is timely, and payment for our employees is prompt.

How much will I be paid as an ABL employee?

Pay rates are determined by the information the client company provides regarding shift times, whether public transportation is available, and what experience and skills are needed. Consideration is also given to what these positions are paid if hired on directly by the client company. As such, each assignment pay rate is calculated on an individual basis.

Working with ABL as an assignment employee is a FREE service:
ABL charges the client company for the services of recruiting, matching, screening, deploying and managing our assignment employees. As such, our assignment employees do not pay ABL a fee to apply, register, or work at our assignments. We never deduct any money from an employee's cheque for our profit. Whatever pay rate is quoted in the job assignment notification letter is what the employee will be paid on their weekly cheque while at that assignment.

How does ABL match me to an opportunity?

The registration process:
When you visit ABL for your personal interview, we will discuss your preferences, skills, availability, and experience, to determine the best work matches for your needs. We track your information and preferences in our database, which will flag your application for appropriate matches as new assignment opportunities arise.

A new opportunity comes in:
When a client company requires additional staff, they contact ABL to advise us of their requirements for availability, skills, and experience. ABL always visits the workplaces we engage with, before agreeing to send one of our employees to work there. We want to ensure it is a safe place for our employees, and that it will be a good partner to ABL in successfully onboarding our employees.

How we make a match:
We are then able to identify a perfect person match by running the work criteria through our database. We will then contact the people who match the requirements and present the opportunity for their consideration. Our assignment employees are always able to accept or decline an assignment if it is not the right fit for them, with no penalty. If you accept an assignment with us, you will be emailed a Job Assignment Notice, which reviews all the information about the job in detail once again. Thoroughly reviewing this information helps to ensure that you will be well prepared and successful at your work assignment.

The entire process is very personal and detailed. We find that faithfully applying these processes helps to minimize mismatches, and results in more productive and satisfactory matches between our employees and client companies. ABL will never send you to a job that we have not fully interviewed you and orientated you to our procedures and processes.

Why would someone use a staffing company like ABL to find work?

What’s In It For You?
Using a staffing company is just one tool available to today’s job-seekers. It is a highly effective way for an employee to be notified about work opportunities in their field which are not otherwise advertised in the market. By signing up with one staffing company, you are effectively submitting your application for consideration at many client companies in one shot. Pounding the pavement with your resume doesn’t get you very far anymore - rarely does this method get applicants face to face with hiring managers.

Instead, utilizing a staffing company allows you to focus on building a relationship with one organization (ABL) who will be able to match you to work opportunities without you having to do anything more than the initial interview and employee record set up. And remember, it is a FREE process! There is no penalty to you if you decline a work offer from the staffing company.

What’s In It For The Companies?
Many companies are hiring their full-time people through a staffing company because it is a more efficient and cost-effective way for them to manage the hundreds or thousands of applications they receive for every job posting. With the help of a staffing company, you will no longer spend hours searching for jobs unsuccessfully. Instead, jobs will find you!

A Word Of Caution:
You want to be sure you are working with a reputable staffing service. ABL is a member of The Staffing Edge: membership with this organization ensures extra financial protection for our Assignment Employees and client companies.

There are so many reasons why using a temporary staffing company makes sense: as many reasons as there are applicants, in fact! Students looking for their first career opportunity, new Canadians looking for their first work opportunity in Canada, experienced people looking to access unadvertised job openings, and people looking to supplement their existing income and work or school schedules. Let us know what we can do for you!

My company needs additional staff: How do we get set up as an ABL client?

Phase 1:
In order to meet your needs, our first priority must be to understand what is required to allow our employees to be a successful contributor to your workplace. To determine this, we will need to gather the following information from you:

  • The expected duration of the assignment
  • What experience and skills are required
  • The work hours and any expectation of over time
  • Any physical requirements to perform the duties (lifting, standing, bending, walking etc.)
  • Whether any licenses or special equipment is required
  • Whether public transport to the workplace is available, or if personal transportation is required
  • What you typically pay someone for this position when your organization hires directly for this position so our pay rates are in line with what your own employees are paid
  • A credit check is conducted to ensure that your company is able to compensate ABL for the services we will provide. These services include meeting all employer obligations to the assignment employee, as well as recruiting, screening, skill testing, payroll services, human resources services, workers’ compensation & liability insurance.

Phase 2:
Once this information is collected, ABL will designate an account representative to your company, who will be your personal point of contact for any staffing requirements you have. This account representative will tour your workplace so that they fully capture what it is that makes the perfect person match for your facility. They’ll want to meet the direct supervisor, first contact person, and anyone involved in the training or management of our personnel. After this tour, the ABL representative will put together a personalized recruiting and screening plan to fulfill your staffing requirements and help you meet your hiring goals.

ABL will provide you with an electronic timesheet, and if needed, a sign-in log sheet. We will want to speak with the person who will authorize the timesheet, and the person who will process payment for our invoices: this is our opportunity to address any questions and set up any communication preferences for delivery and processing of our invoices. Our aim is to have this process as easy and transparent as possible, so as to avoid confusion at a later date.

How long does this all take? It’s really up to you: the credit check usually takes a few hours, and after that, we can arrange a site visit to your workplace whenever is convenient for you. Once that is done, we can begin matching our employees already in our database, or set-up a recruiting plan just for your needs.

Phase 3:
The best results come from working and communicating closely with your account representative. Please remember that the more staff you require, the longer lead-time is usually needed to source, match and deploy the employees who fulfill your requirements. Cutting corners during this process will result in a less than ideal outcome for your project. We want to send you the person with the best skill match, not the first person who picks up the phone when we call. Working with us to set things up thoroughly in the beginning, makes for a better result overall.

Utilizing our best practices minimizes turnover and training costs, and frees you up to do more of what your company does best! It will go a long way to securing a strategic working partnership between the worksite, employee and the staffing company. This in turn ensures everyone’s goals are being met.

Contact us now to get started!