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Day to Day Needs

Day to Day Needs - abl careers

This busy manufacturer had long used temporary services to keep their production lean and effective. When they first started using ABL, their expectation was that they would never get the same people or enough people as their business needs necessitated last minute and high volume orders of a low paying, entry level staff. ABL quickly proved that this does not need to be the case and the communication approach to service will create a pool of people that can increase productivity and truly maximize the company’s lean, cost-effective production plan. ABL has been the sole supplier to this company for 8 years. When companies approach a temporary staffing provider, they do so because they understand this will help their business remain lean and effective. Their initial expectations may often lead them to believe they will receive different employees every day, or that the staffing company can only provide them with entry-level people when there is a day to day need. ABL quickly proves that our communication approach will help companies build a pool of qualified assignment employees which will help productivity and benefit a lean and cost-effective workforce.

“Jill spends a lot of time telling the employees what to expect before they come in. Then she talks to them after the shift and throughout the assignment. That really prevents problems and constant turnover. What a difference it makes. It totally changed our experience with using temp services.” “Hayley takes a great deal of time when matching and dispatching assignment employees to my company. Doing so makes a big difference in minimizing turnover and setting appropriate expectations about the position. The people who arrive for work at my company are prepared, committed, and well matched to the corporate culture.”

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