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Employee Focused Pricing Policy gives Cost Effective Productivity

Employee Focused Pricing Policy gives Cost Effective Productivity - abl careers

This internationally known water treatment company has been an ABL client for over a decade. Their specialty is design and build of very complex systems that supply fresh water throughout the world. A project can take up to a year to build and the skill, knowledge and training required mean that they have to be able to not only find the right people but retain that talent for the duration of the project. All the key players at this loyal customer know that what costs the most money isn't the staffing company's bill rate. Rather, it's turnover, re-training, lack of skills and employees who are unreliable. ABL's employee focused pricing policy is just one of the creative and nimble solutions that get (and keep!) the right person for the job. It is just one reason why we have been a trusted staffing partner for many years. Many staffing agencies don't realize the significance of a collaborative pay rate strategy and won't even share the employee's pay rate but ABL intentionally does. We've found this to be very important in creating the most positive work environment to attract and retain the right individuals to help you be the most productive.

"This operation has a training curve so it takes a bit for the temporaries to become truly productive. ABL temporaries stay and are motivated, I think because they are paid fairly, yet ABL's bill rate is very competitive." "We are a long-time client of ABL: My operation has a long training curve, and it can be frustrating and costly when there is constant turnover and re-training required for replacement temporaries. I’ve come to understand that *this* is really the most expensive part of utilizing a temporary workforce, and *not* the staffing company’s bill rate. ABL utilizes an employee focused pricing strategy – they work with us to understand what rate of pay will attract qualified applicants with the skills and experience needed to meet the work requirements. Only then do they quote a bill rate. I feel this puts the needs of the position first, and I don’t end up paying for more than I really need.”.

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