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Strategic Relationship

Strategic Relationship - abl careers

This major big box retailer has been an ABL client since 2000 and ABL Employment has been the primary supplier in operations since 2002. This successful company maintains a distribution network across Canada and has grown dramatically during these years. ABL has provided full time and contingent staffing across departments and skill levels. ABL has worked closely with management to develop processes that have earned the Canadian operations recognition for excellence throughout the worldwide organization.   Continual refinement of strategies and deployment have led to decreasing costs and increasing efficiencies.  

“They are an excellent provider. We ask the impossible and they somehow seem to deliver.”

"We are a major retailer in Canada that is part of a multi-national corporation. My facility was recently singled out for awards recognizing excellence and growth: that could not have happened if we were not working with a staffing partner who works with us to continually refine staffing strategies to decrease costs and increase efficiencies. ABL is an excellent partner - they somehow deliver even when we seem to ask the impossible. One-size staffing plans do *not* fit all client companies. ABL’s relationship with their clients reflects this philosophy.”

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