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Unique Staffing Solutions

Unique Staffing Solutions

A major call centre in the GTA approached ABL to help them with large hiring projects. They had, and continue to have, a great internal Human Resources team in place to take care of much of their interviewing and retention. Some of the more time-consuming aspects of the recruitment process, such as the review of large volumes of resume and pre-screening are very important in bringing in the best candidates to interview. Our client's large projects require a large volume of pre-qualified interviews to find the right candidates. ABL partnered with this client to discover the best way to support their exciting growth. Together, in this partnership, ABL and the call centre HR team have developed synergies to ensure a smooth and efficient hiring process comes into place. This non-traditional and innovative solution came from collaboration and allowed for our client to efficiently hire during their period of rapid growth in a cost-effective manner.

In this case, ABL continues to ensure that our client's needs are proactively met based on this strategic partnership. We ensure that their hiring pipeline is filled, even with difficult positions, such as bilingual and sales experienced agents. This allows for our client to feel confident that we will be able to deliver in their required turnaround time, because we work to continuously understand their business and how it is developing in order to best combine both of our expertise.

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