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5 Free “Staycation” Trip Ideas

5 Free “Staycation” Trip Ideas

Vacations or time away from work and daily activities give you the ability to unwind and wind-out. Taking FREE time for yourself or with your family is good for your mental and physical health, as you come back more productive and effective! It's a win-win.

Here are our free staycation ideas to give you all the great wellbeing benefits without stressing your budget or time constraints.

1.      Look Up Free Parks

Search for free provincial parks, local parks, beaches, and waterparks to get all the benefits of fresh air, sun, and relaxing time. And don’t forget to print off free Road Trip Bingo cards to make the car travel more fun!

2.      Hit the Trails

Pack a picnic and go hiking, biking, fishing, or walking on trails for the day. Search up a free hiking scavenger hunt app or print one ahead of time to have even more fun!

3.      Attend a Local Arts and Culture Festival

bring a blanket and unwind as you listen to the music and enjoy a cultural day. You can plan a day-vacay by packing a carry-on luggage with wheels with everything you need for the day.

4.      Camp in Your Garden

set up a tent or trailer, pack your food and spend the day or weekend outdoors without the stress of packing your car. If you don’t have a backyard pool, you can buy an inexpensive blow-up pool to soak and splash on those hot summer days! Don’t forget to sing campfire songs and chase fireflies.

5.      Stay with Friends or Family

Stay with family and friends at their cottage, trailer, or even their home for a weekend.

No matter which staycation you choose, here are a few more tips to get the most out of your time off:

Put the Work Phone AwayABL staycation 2

If you want to feel like you’re on vacation, you have to act like you’re on vacation. Try to minimize work-world interactions and review emails and listen to voice messages every once in a while, but won’t respond unless something is a real panic.

Check Out the Library

Go to your local library as they are a great source for free entertainment as they usually have free or discounted passes to local museums, DVD’s, activities for children, movie nights and local events.

Switch into Holiday Mode

The key to a successful staycation comes down to your outlook: you have to be able to mentally switch into holiday mode, even if you’re in familiar surroundings. Your STAY-VACAY offers the same wellbeing, relaxing and revitalizing benefits as a travel holiday—and for a fraction of the cost. Not having to pack for a travel holiday and stressing your budget alone can be stress-relieving.

Plan Your Budget

Bryce Anger, ABL VP of Finance suggests that if you do want to spend a little more on a vacation, you may need to plan ahead. You can definitely try to put your weekly vacation pay or just putting a set amount $50 a month, etc. aside in a “vacation” account, and forget about it!  Then in a few months go back to it.

Banks even have ASP (Auto Savings Plans), where they can automatically move the money out of your main account into a savings account.

ABL Careers can help your company find the enthusiastic temporary-to-hire or long-term temporary office staff you need, including customer service representatives, data entry clerks, administrative assistance, and office managers. Contact us to get started!

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