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Finding Work-Life Fitness in the Digital Age

A woman holding a smartphone using a fitness tracking app.

ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager and staff KNOW there may be challenges to attaining work-life fitness.

In today’s digital age, there are plenty of apps and technologies that can help you improve your well-being and find balance.

Let’s go virtual!

Here are some virtual tips and ideas to help you whenever or wherever you are:


Virtual Wellness

  • Download workout and fitness videos onto your phone
  • Use an app that tracks your weight loss and fitness goals
  • Sign up with sites that will send you daily exercise goals
  • Join an online chat group to stay motivated and connected with others
  • Set the virtual thermostat for optimal sleeping temperatures
  • Use an app with your fitness tracker/pedometer (e.g. Fitbit or phone app pedometer) to track your progress

Menu Planning and Cooking

  • Follow Facebook pages that are related to healthy recipes and cooking
  • Use an app that helps create menus and grocery lists
  • Sign up for grocery delivery or curbside grocery pickup
  • Follow step-by-step videos on meal prep
  • Sign up online for fresh, pre-portioned, ingredient deliveries

Mindfulness and Meditation

  • Listen to a meditation video during your work breaks or on your way home
  • Play white noise on your phone or smart-speaker (e.g. Google mini, Amazon Alexa) while sleeping
  • Download calming background music to listen to while working if permitted
  • Use an app that plays positive affirmations
  • Display your daily gratitudes as a screen saver
  • Skype/Facetime with your children during your breaks to feel connected

ABL Careers can help your company find the enthusiastic temporary-to-hire or long-term temporary office staff you need, including customer service representatives, data entry clerks, administrative assistance, and office managers. Contact us to get started!

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