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Wellness Management: At Work: "Team Work Skills"

Wellness Management: At Work:

ABL’s Occupational Wellness Manager and staff know the value of diversified work assignments. There are skills that you have or can develop as you enter, stay in and progress in the world of work. Working as part of a team involves commitment, cooperation and accountability. Take advantage of the various opportunities and work environments available through ABL Employment, Careers and Works. Teamwork skills are developed by working together through the evolution of employment and life experiences. 

Team tasks & projects will help you learn and develop many skills you can then transfer to other jobs and careers
Experience working with others will help you to improve your communication and listening skills
dapting to all personalities is challenging – try to find a common interest to make a connection 
Manage & resolve conflicts quickly. Take accountability for your mistakes so everyone can learn

Work to agreed quality standards – everyone must “pull their weight” to reach production goals
Organize your daily tasks to meet group goals thus increasing group efficiency
Respect your coworkers and supervisor – be professional by avoiding gossip & swearing
Know your workplace hazards in addition to personal and group safety practices

hare information and expertise when responsibilities are assigned to increase efficiency and maintain consistency
Keep your work-space clean and tidy to avoid trips & falls or obstruct the line of vision for those operating a forklift
Instructions should be clear and understood – ask questions or seek clarification of details during a toolbox talk or at anytime
Learn something new each day will increase your competence and confidence when working
isten and share ideas to help everyone feel valued thus increasing your job satisfaction leading to A Better Life
Stay focused on the job and save the conversations and cell phones for during breaks


"Team Work Skills: Be Employable, Not Just Employed"
Written by: Carla Villalta, Occupational Wellness Manager 

The information provided by ABL Careers is intended to promote healthy habits. It is not intended as a substitute for medical advice or professional care. Before making significant changes to diet or exercise, consult your health care provider.


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